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Joe Biden’s Legacy for Battered Women –

Joe Biden’s Legacy for Battered Women –

DonkeyHotey image used with a post by Matthew Rozsa on The Good Men Project – August 25, 2015

Republicans Still Pandering To Voters’ Worst Instincts

Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize To Megyn Kelly | Crooks and Liars

How Austerity Economics Is Fraying Europe’s Social Contract – FPIF

WATCH Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Fake Donald Trump Campaign Ad

You, Too, Can be Part of Scott Walker’s Inner Circle | United Steelworkers

White House Fires Back at Charles Koch

6 Of Trump’s Surprisingly Moving Quotes About Religion

Article: How the Billionaires Bought Justice for Scott Walker | OpEdNews

Sunday Essay: The Least Of Those Among Us, From the Stage of the Republican Debate | South Seattle Emerald


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